Twosome Project™ - The Game

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Twosome Project is an exciting game to spice up your couple experience. Are you ready for the challenge? Will you become a Deity with your beloved one?

The rules are simple:

  • Scratch off the circles to uncover new positions to try out
  • Explore new locations where to perform and experiment
  • Appreciate new ways to approach your intimate life with Boosters.
  • Earn points with every new thing you discover allowing you to advance to the next level! 

    This exciting gift idea will add novelty to your bedroom play. Take your poster anywhere with its travel friendly, high quality and discreet cardboard box.

    Disclaimer: Twosome Project™ accepts no responsibility to any person as a consequence of any legal repercussion the game may cause, nor shall it be liable for any such damages, including physical or psychological injuries. The partakers assume all responsibility when agreeing to playing the game.

    The game comes in a discreet, high quality black cardboard box. Here is what's inside

    Scratch Poster And Game Rules

    High quality folded game scratch poster placed inside the box. Poster size: 42.0 x 59.4cm/16.53 x 23.39 in (A2)

    Scratcher Pick

    An elegant brass plectrum to scratch off the circles in the game. Use it to discover all your hidden fantasies.

    High Quality Cardboard Giftbox

    Store away your game and its accessories in the provided discreet gift box. Twosome Project™ is your and your partner's little secret.

    Cleaning Cloth

    Don't worry about getting your hands dirty: once you scratch off the circles with the pick, simply use the cloth to clean away any residues from the poster.


    72 Positions

    Inspired by the Ancient Book of couple intimacy, in 3 levels of difficulty.

    40 Locations

    The most exclusive locations can lead you to open to new life experiences.

    20 Boosters

    To spice it up and elevate your couple experience.

    5 Achievements To Aim For

    Will you become a deity? Track your advancements in the game and find out what level you have reached!

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