twosome project scratch off poster game
twosome project scratch off poster game

Twosome Project™

The Viral Couples Poster Game!


Twosome Project™ is one of the most famous couples poster game. Are you up for the challenge?

Scratch off the circles to uncover new positions, pick a location, and add a booster to spice things up!

Get out of your comfort zone, experience new things, and bring back novelty to your sexy fun time.

Scrape To Escape ✨

72 Positions

Doggy style is soooo 2010, Discover new and exciting positions. All spread across 3 levels of difficulty.

40 Locations

Go outside! Its what your mom would say. Don't be boring by sticking to your bed. Explore new locations to do the dirty.

20 Boosters

Backdoor? Add spice to it! Boosters are designed to take it to another level. PS: only if you are brave enough.

12,000+ Happy Couples

We did that! Reignited the spark for all those couples! What are you waiting for?

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