Does Marriage Lose its Magic? What Can You Do About It?

At the beginning of your marriage, everything feels new and thrilling as you walk hand in hand to pick out bed sheets, have brunch, and discuss future baby names. But sadly, this honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever. Life naturally becomes busy and your interactions with each other suddenly feels like a routine. So when your marriage slowly starts to lose its magic, what can you do about it? Let’s find out!

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As human beings, we are all designed to be dissatisfied with everything eventually. Even the restaurant you love and can’t imagine your life without can become a place you pass by without a single glance. Just like everything else in life, once you go beyond the initial excitement of your marriage, life settles down into a comfortable routine that no longer feels exciting or magical.

Even if there’s no conflict, your marriage life can still feel dull, tiring, and simply uninspired. So is there any way to inject some of the initial excitement back into your monotonous relationship? If you are searching for them to bring back the initial magic in your precious relationship, you are in the right place! We will share them all in the rest of this article. 

Signs Your Marriage Is Starting to Feel Boring

Everything feels new and exciting when you are in love and newly married to your special one. However, no matter how much we wish for things to stay that way, things may start to change after a certain time. If you start noticing that things aren’t the same anymore and feel frustrated, don’t be hard on yourself and jump to conclusions.

To navigate through such moments, the following signs that your marriage is starting to feel boring might help.

1. Holding a Grudge Against Your Partner

Holding a grudge against your partner without communicating clearly about it is a clear sign that your relationship might be losing its charm. Holding grudges and feeling resentment towards the other may start slowly. But over time, they are best at destroying relationships from within.

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Of course, holding grudges doesn’t mean your marriage is already destroyed. But if you fail to address it properly, your marriage might start going down that path. 

2. No Desire to Spend Time or Become Intimate with Your Partner

As a married couple, both you and your partner are permanently stuck with each other under the same roof. So it’s normal to want to spend some time away from your partner. But if you don’t even want to be in the same room, it might just be a bigger problem.

Another huge sign is if you start finding your partner sexually unattractive. Some couples become so comfortable around each other that they start to feel more like roommates than a married couple. But of course, intimacy can spark again at any time you want. But if you find no desire to reignite this flame of desire, maybe your married life has lost its spark.  

3. Prioritizing Emotional Relationships with Others

Maintaining a loving and healthy relationship requires open emotional connection and communication with your significant other. But if you start confiding in your friends, family members, or coworkers instead of your spouse, it could mean that you don’t find them as reliable as before.

When you are going through a particularly difficult time, it’s normal to unload your emotional turmoil to someone outside your relationship. But this can be unfair to your partner as this takes away the chance for them to get to know you better.

Self-disclosure is vital in a healthy and intimate relationship. If you still prefer to confide in someone else, it means you don’t want to be honest with your spouse. 

How to Bring Back the Magic in Your Marriage?

If you feel like your marriage is losing its magic with time, maybe it’s time you put some energy into it! Here are some of the ways you can bring back the magic in your marriage.

1. Take Trips Together

The usual scenery hardly ever changes as a married pair goes about their daily lives. Every day, you are in the same house, visit the same grocery shop, and work at the same office. The lack of new places and fresh surroundings can take away the excitement and joys of your marriage.

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So once in a while, it’s important to go out of the same boring town. It’s even more important to pick a date on the calendar and look forward to it. Taking trips together doesn’t only provide you with some much-needed time alongside each other, it also returns you feeling refreshed and hopeful that you can try out new things with each other.

2. Try New Things Every Once in a While

When you are married, it’s easy for everything to fall into a routine. While a routine may feel comfortable, it can also become monotonous. Doing the same thing as a routine leads to boredom in a marriage.

So it’s important to do things together that are different from your usual activities. Instead of having dinner together at home every weekend, why not have dinner at a fancy restaurant together?

You can also bring back the spark of your marriage by doing things that you both haven’t done in a long time, or things you have always wanted to do but never had the chance to. The goal here is to keep your relationship exciting and new. Thankfully, there are endless opportunities for this. 

3. Find New Ways to Spice Up Time in the Bedroom

Many may consider intimacy a minor part of the marriage life, but the truth couldn’t be far from it. If you and your special other lack intimacy, the entire relationship can end up suffering. So it’s important to keep things interesting between the both of you.

This way both of you can feel excited and look forward to making love to one another. Take the initiative to discuss your partner’s hidden desires and ways you can make the time in your bedroom more exciting. For instance, both of you can open up about your preferences of positions, foreplay, or set the mood with mirrors, candles, music, and others.

You guys can also watch adult movies together or even play adult games together to make things even more exciting. You can try out Twosome Project™, an amazing adult game for couples that helps you spice up your lovemaking experience! 


No matter how much you imagine your marriage to have a happily ever after, in reality, it’s one of the things that become more difficult with time. So if you are worried about your marriage losing its magic, we introduce the best ways you can bring it back in this article.

We hope the article has helped you figure out how to navigate through your tough times. Thanks for reading.

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