7 Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

The honeymoon period is when it all feels new and exciting in a relationship. However, as you get to know each other better, you may notice that things start to feel boring. As you value your relationship, you might wonder how you can keep it fresh and exciting.

This article will provide you with 7 ideas to spice up your relationship.


Spice Up Your Relationship

Why Your Relationship Might Get Boring after a Certain Period?

With time, the relationship tends to get boring due to following the same old routine and neglecting physical and emotional intimacy. Putting less effort, as well as not sharing similar interests with your partner might also be reasons for boredom.

Well, we throw in a considerable effort to charm our ideal partner at the initial stage of our relationship. However, as days go by, we stop working on the relationship. As a result, it tends to get boring. The following are a few of the most common reasons behind your relationship getting boring after some time:

  • Following Same Old Boring Routine

Many couples identify activities that they enjoy doing with each other. So, they start doing them regularly. However, doing the same old activities with your partner makes the relationship dull and monotonous. Spiking up things now and then can be very helpful to partnerships.

  • Not Having The Same Hobbies

You may not have similar interests as your partner. And, a lack of things to engage in together with your lover might also trigger boredom in relationships.

  • Neglecting Physical & Emotional Intimacy

Physical intimacy is one of the major parts of relationships. However, couples often tend to stop working on this part of their relationship. This can result in an unsatisfactory sexual life that will only add to the dullness.

Emotional closeness is also as vital as physical affection. And, a partner’s incapacity or reluctance to disclose their feelings may lead to relationship stasis.

7 Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

No relationship can work for a long time without proper effort. Normally, things will become monotonous after some time. So, here are a few ideas to spice up your relationship to keep it healthy and lively for a long time:

1. Communicate!

First of all, you have to try being more open and honest with your partner. You can’t just expect your partner to understand your needs without you explaining them to him or her. If you have a hard time being completely honest with your lover about everything, it is a sign that the relationship has a weak point.

The 2 most fundamental parts of a great relationship and sex life are connection and communication. Remember, being honest and upfront with your lover about everything will only give you comfort and bring you two closer. 

2. Surprise Each Other

Everyone enjoys being surprised. But, we already know how difficult it would be to do. You will need to think outside the box when you would like to surprise your lover. The best method to accomplish this is to smuggle in a few small gifts around.

You can also leave a sweet note for him or her when they are heading to work.  Small gestures like these could go a huge way toward forging a solid bond between you and your partner. It might simply be a tiny souvenir from the marketplace. Or, you can also offer them a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant.


Spice Up Your Relationship

3. Share Fantasies with Your Partner

It is a rather obvious piece of advice that you may find almost anywhere. Since it helps, this tip is very popular. Well, sharing your fantasies is a vulnerable act that pulls you closer together. Furthermore, it also unlocks the door to the world of thrills and sexual delights.

However, things might go completely wrong only when you express the fantasies having far too much expectation. People frequently express their desires with their partners with the expectation that their lovers will agree to make their fantasies come true. So, if they discover their lover is unwilling to participate in their fantasy, they get enraged and angry.

When you’re exposing yourself to anyone, you must do so without expecting anything in return. Understand and respect your partner’s boundaries if they’re not feeling comfortable with the fantasies. They might be open to these later. But you can not force them to do anything.

4. Revisit Old Places

Old places bring back old times! It is necessary to go visit the places you both used to love now and then. It will help you drink up the romantic sensations that emanate from their walls. This will no doubt help to spice things up between you two and bring back the old thrilling feeling of your relationship.

Well, going to a spot that has special meaning for you and your partner will resurrect memories of the past for sure. Moreover, it will also remind both that all those emotions are still there today.

5. Try Something New in Your Bedroom

Trying out new things in bed might be a fantastic way to reconnect with your spouse, as well as a good method to satisfy your sexual desires. If you are afraid of intimacy, you may overcome it. Well, the same old sexual routine can no doubt become tedious. So, inquire about your partner’s preferences and then emerge with something unique.

Additionally, you can play games for couples with your partner to spice up your bedroom. Exploring new things in your bedroom with your partner will surely help you to bring the thrill back into your relationship.

6. Show Gratitude

Your partner may do a range of things out of love for you without your knowledge. Acknowledge and recognise the stuff your lover does for you out of love by expressing appreciation.

Besides, try to look at the positives instead of the stuff they have not done incorrectly. A bit of gratitude will make your partner feel special and encourage them to do more things for you. Moreover, it will help to spice up the relationship by changing both of your moods.

7. Physical Touch Is Important!

Physical contact often does not imply sexual attraction. Sex is no doubt fantastic. However, other forms of physical intimacy are also necessary if you want to get rid of your dull relationship.

From simple holding hands to making out are all methods to spice things up in a relationship. Consider giving your partner neck and foot massages, or long hugs now and then. Do not undervalue the magic of touch. And, observe how the enchantment unfolds. 


Relationships fail when people stop working on them no matter how much they love their partner. By now, you’ve got to know 7 ideas to spice up your relationship. So, don't forget to try these out to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Thanks for reading through. Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful. Best of luck with your love life!

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